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Thursday, March 31, 2005

Hit from the Side
Today I went to Target to get Dial ($1.79 for three bars of "Dial with Vitamins" which I like because it is glycerin based) and generic contact lens solution ($3.44 for two big bottles, whereas one bottle of Alcon is $7+). On the way out, I got a white* cherry Icee.

Driving home, I usually get off on 38 1/2th Street but turn right at 41st Street, which allows me to go straight through 38 1/2th, which isn't fun to turn left from. Today, some, umm, drivers, were kind enough that I couldn't do that and I had to turn right on 38 1/2th Street.
The traffic is so busy that only the car ahead of me got to go. Do-dee-do, waiting for the cars going through on Red River wishing that was me, do-dee-do.
Some dude in an F250 pulling a huge (18'?) moving trailer was turning right to go North on Red River and crunched the back right side of my car. Rather than turning left, I carefully turned right and we met on 40th Street, just after he hopped that curb by a good 4'. He very obviously didn't know how to drive his truck with that trailer.
I called the cops and they came after about 15 minutes. He "helped" us exchange information and issued a case number, but no citation. I called my insurance company and then his. This shouldn't cost me anything, although I know it will. At the very least, this is a huge hassle.
Also, it's raining now, which is probably not good for my damaged car.

Maybe I should have just gone to HEB and sprung for the name brand solution.

UPDATE: Fixed "chite" to "white," not to be confused with "shite."

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