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Sunday, March 27, 2005

More Bar Info
Not the drinking kind!

I called the CA bar on Friday to ask about the letter. After several transfers, the person on the other end asked for the date on my letter.
"March 21."
"Oh, the problem was fixed on March 21, so you can ignore that."
"So there is no problem."
Yeah, we'll see if that holds up.

They also confirmed that I've been assigned to Ontario. I guess I'm just taking the bar there, but still, Ontario sucks. I booked a room at the Doubletree, which looks really nice, but is insanely expensive (with tax, about $200/night for 4 nights -- one of which I have to pay for). I'm still trying to decide if I want to fly into Ontario and out of LAX or SNA due to looking for housing. Or I could do round trip since I would need to rent a car anyways. Hmmm.

They also sent back the copy of my MPRE score I sent in. Oddly, that was extra (they just asked if I'd taken it, not if I'd passed or for proof that I'd passed). I'm supposed to get an official score sheet to them. The fun of bureaucracy.

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