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Thursday, March 24, 2005

Roller Coaster
Today went from not good to awful to good to great to mediocre to not great.

Not Good: I lazily slept in until I got a call from a Realtor who showed my place at 2:00, which made me get up. I did very little work on my seminar paper. I played a little CH2k5, but Bronski Lufkin is sucking.

Awful: At around 5:40, I headed downtown to Ringers to get a table for the late games. Traffic was heavy, so I didn't park and get there until about 6:05. All the tables and barstools were full. It got to the point where it would be hard to get a drink let alone get a table. Then a line formed outside, which I had never seen before.
Eventually, I gave up and went to Fox and Hound. Not as bad, but still no tables by TVs. Plan C was BW3, which had seating, food, and both games on (19" fuzzy TVs).
I ate there (and won a free Miller Lite), met up with a friend, and went to Logan's, where the guy checking IDs assured us that they had two games on earlier. After repeated requests from myself, our waitress, and my friend to change a TV to the UA game to no avail, we left. At B.D. Riley's, I was unable to obtain the attention of the sole bartender let alone have him change one of their TVs to the UA game.
Thus, back to BW3 to watch the game on shitty TVs. Shoulda stayed home.

Good: UA won on Salim's shot with 2.6 seconds left. Good times. There were actually about 4 UA grads there, which made it fun to celebrate. With the games over, time to leave.

Great: UA had won and everyone I was supposed to meet up with was at BW3 (no logistics problems). I talked with the UA grads for a bit and we took off to Apple Bar. POTOK!!! I talked to her for a bit, and she asked me what my name was (this could be good or bad -- either way, POTOK!!!). I got a $5 Bud Light (WTF?) and then apparently everyone was leaving. Chug chug.
We went to 219 West (4th Street is their address, get it?). Blah blah random law school people. Blah blah... POTOK!!! I was getting a drink at roughly the same time she was near the bar, so I asked if she was stalking me. Yeah, cold shoulder. I had the last laugh (or maybe the first) when she left because the guy she came in with was hitting on ... well, I wouldn't. Much discussion of Potok ensued. I said she was a 7 who is bitchy because she is stupid and (two separate things here) thinks she's an 11, which boosts her to an 8. My friend said she's a 6 who thinks she's a 12 and neither stupidity nor egotism offers a boost. Nonetheless, a UA Sweet 16 win and hitting on Potok in the same night is great, no matter how it started.
At some point, I noticed a guy in a Bibby jersey. I talked to him for a bit, and he invited me to Ringers for the next game. I guess he played at Dobson or something.

Mediocre: At some point, I got a horrible headache (not the Steven Smith kind). I guess Potok's untimely leaving also wasn't great.

Not Great: When I got home, I checked the mail. The only thing was a letter from the CA Bar, which said:
The Office of Admissions' records indicate that your application is incomplete and not considered filed for the reason(s) stated below:

Your registration has been received but it is incomplete. Please call eligibility department at (213)...

They also have me down for the Ontario location, which was my second choice. Ugh.

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