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Monday, March 21, 2005

Spring Break Tuesday
I don't want to make a mega-post now, so I'm going to try to divide it into days. That probably means that I'll forget more as time wears on.

Left Austin at 7:30am. Drove towards San Antonio, didn't know to get off on I-37 from I-35, so we had to take a detour through Los Angeles, TX. I think we also traveled through San Diego, TX at some point.

We checked into the Holiday Inn SunSpree Resort at around 4:00. They had a $50 per person cash room deposit and required each guest to buy $25 security wristbands, which we got to wear for the week. However, they did not ask to see a AAA card, despite the discount on the room. Good thing as neither of us had one.

We saw a riot on the beach that was instigated when some OU guy planted a flag in the head of a Jesus sculpture right next to some A&M guys. Lots of glass bottles and bottles full of sand flew around. Almost no security. Good times.
While watching, I tried to bum a beer off some Baylor girls. Nothing doing. My friend and I agreed that turquise was the best on the beach. Later we saw that turquoise was staying three doors down.

We had brought a 12-pack of Fat Tire, but no bottle opener. My friend figured out how to use the ironing board. Good times.

We hit the $5.99 taco bar and talked briefly with some Minnesota girls. Briefly enough that I don't remember if they drove or flew. The food was actually pretty good, especially for the price. We drank a little more in the room after I bought a bottle opener ($0.69), then went out.

Outside, we caught a taxi to Louie's for $2 each. Pretty reasonable.

Other than getting the first drink and going upstairs, I remember very little about Louie's. The two drinks I had were 7-8 shots each. After a lot of recent beer. Yep. I've been told that I hit on a lot of talent, which I can't remember not doing. I have one picture (below) and one phone number (Dallas area code) to show for it. I called the number and didn't recall (and couldn't really make out) the name on the voicemail, so it was really a wash. Bad times.

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At one point, I ran into a guy from my analytical methods class. I'm pretty sure he's a Scottish exchange student, so I said he should be wearing a kilt. He was.

I also lost my free t-shirt at some point. No matter as it was promotional and my friend tossed his when we left.

On the way back, we got on a bus (I'm told) for free. Also, at some point I somehow acquired a peanut butter M-Azing. Still haven't eaten it. However, I distinctly recall rejecting a normal M-Azing because the wrapper was open.

Back at the hotel, the door was covered in chewing tobacco. I called the front desk, and they told me to clean it myself. WHAT THE FUCK? I was really pissed and punched the door. I then called the 1-800 number, who told me to speak with the manager at the front desk. I did, and she said she would have it cleaned or clean it herself.

Then I remember my friend telling me to eat pizza while I passed out clutching my hand. I awoke at 5:00am to puke and take out my contacts. Apparently, I decided that my left contact best fits under a cup. Good thing I brought extra pairs.

Despite the crazy drinking, I felt ok the next morning. Not 100%, nut not the 10% I expected.

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