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Thursday, April 14, 2005

All I Wanna Do
This isn't a very good movie [I have no idea why it has several titles], but I guess I'm not its intended audience. However, it seems eerily reminiscent of Mona Lisa Smile, but in high school. Both had the same underlying theme: these are brilliant girls who go to great schools, learning physics, political science, blah blah, but then they become housewives. That must stop! I think there is a message there, but it's about 30 years past expiration. For example, there have been more women than men in college for the last 25+ years.

Some people continue to cite the "wage gap," but there is no good apples to apples evidence that it exists. A female McDonalds cashier doesn't make $5.50 while her male counterpart makes $7.86. A female assembly line worker doesn't make $30k while her male counterpart makes $43k (especially if unionized). A female engineer doesn't make $42k while her male counterpart makes $60k. A female lawyer doesn't make $84k while her male counterpart makes $120k.
Thus, the argument must be about promotion. The problem is that it is difficult to see the trees for the forrest. That is, the sheer number of male managers and CEOs (who might make 30% more than a non-manager) does not alone indicate some kind of institutional bias against women. More than several concrete examples of women with equal or greater skill being passed over is required to even make this debatable.

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