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Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Astros and Rangers
Since being in Austin, I've adopted the Astros and Rangers as my 3rd and 4th favorite baseball teams (after the Padres and Diamondbacks). I always kind of liked the Astros because they had Biggio and Bagwell and occasionally Ausmus and Caminiti. The Rangers now have Soriano, the cornerstone of my 2003 fantasy baseball championship team and most often kept player (sadly, this is the last year he is eligible to be kept). This summer, and probably from now on, I'll move the Angels into the #3 position. Now that Vlad is on my fantasy team, that's even more likely.

Tonight, channel 23 showed the season opener for the Astros and Rangers. I hope that they continue to show most games for both teams for the rest of the year. Well, I hope for that only if the Rangers change announcers.

They were talking about the Angel's name change to the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim and then switched to the NL Central. "Illinois Cubs of Chicago" and "Missouri Cardinals of St. Louis" are just plain incorrect (although they were right about "Dallas Rangers of Arlington" so maybe they have short-term memories). HOWEVER, "Kansas City Royals of Kansas City" is way off, first because they just said the city name twice and second because the Royals are in the AL Central. Later they said that no one in any fantasy league drafted Rod Barajas or Chone Figgins last year. I personally drafted Figgins and he's been on my team for the last three years. I really want to know where they get their "information." On top of that, they are annoying to listen to.

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