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Friday, April 22, 2005

From now on, DR should denote Drunken Ramblings. Absence of DR won't mean that I'm not drunk, but inclusion of DR should mean that I probably shouldn't have driven Red River with that Dihatsu Rocky.

Only a few memorable things from tonight.

First, it was vcry easy to park, and I saw several spots as I walked to the meeting bar. That should have been a bad sign.

At Buffalo, my friend basically came in his pants when he saw a large-breasted Asian playing foos. It was her on one side of the table and a guy and a girl (hittonable blonde) on the other siode. My friend was unable to determine with whom the guy was.
I have a theory that if a guy is out with more than one girl that he isn't out with any of them, but we were somewhat unable to test that theory. We played some foos (one of my friend's non-defender 2-men were already prewrapped with tennis raquet grip) and then chilled at a table.
We got Newcastle (Newky Brown as the Euors call it) stuff (blinky button and fridge magnet) from promotional girls. Then we got Axe Body Wash from different promotional girls. The Axe girls were better than the Newky girls, but they tried to talk us into getting bathes at a fraternity or something. We hid the Axe in order to talk to the better looking Axe girls. It worked, but the result was just more Axe. I'll probably review it (Axe) at some point. A bit later we got a sample of Newcastle and got to keep the pint glass. Good thing I had a good parking spot for all of the shit we had to carry.
We were quite perplexed when the hittable blode (see supra) returned to Buffalo by herself. She spent about 10 minutes in the bathroom then walked in the opposite direction of big-breasted Asian and random dude.
I'll still very confused about several things there.

Something else memorable was a bunch of Florida fans at Shakespeare's. One girl was wearing a #8 jersey and had a Gator tatoo on her face. I was going to hit one her, but some Florida Lacrosse guysblocked my way. I asked one of those dudes if #8 was Brock Berlin. He said he played at Miami, and that Rex Grossman was #8. I said, "Oh yeah, he's on the 49ers." No, the Bears. "Who was the QB this year?" "Chris Leak" "His brother plays, too, right?" "He plays at Tennessee." The funny thing is that I was one degree of separation on all questions asked. Fucnking Florida anyways. [I haven't yet watched this week's Apprentice in order to root for Kendra.] If it was Big-12 or Pac-10 I would've been on the ball.

Then hitting on girls blah blah...

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