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Thursday, April 14, 2005

Fake Poker
As usual, I played both tournaments at Ringers last night. The results couldn't have been more different or more similar.

In the first, I played horribly. After taking the first hand and then another big one, I had doubled up relatively quickly. Then I had KQ and the flop was K-T-9. Top pair with an inside straight draw. I called someone's all-in because only AA, AK, or KK could beat me and this guy only doubled the small blind before the flop. KK. Damn, that was a sizable chunk. I bluffed a guy when I had 7-8 offsuit to get back to the starting amount, but got chopped down by someone slowplaying A-Q. Ugh, not a good performance.

In the second, I think I played the best I ever have played. After taking the first hand and then another big one, I had doubled up relatively quickly. Then I had 5-5 and the flop was 9-5-4. I bet about the size of the pot, then someone doubled it, then someone went all-in over the top. I called and the raiser folded. The all-in had 4-5 (bottom two pair). He was drawing dead, and I'd knocked out the guy that won the early tournament while being well in the lead. Then I hit a string of getting middling pocket pairs against people going all-in. Sometimes I called, and sometimes I didn't. Because we aren't playing for anything, people are more likely to show, and each time I made the correct play. Of course, making the correct play doesn't mean that I always won the hand (damn river got me at least twice). I continued to play well until there were 23 people left (top 20 would get points), but I was low stacked. With the blinds 2,000-4,000, I raised to 8,000 pre-flop (leaving me with 7,000). A guy looked at me and asked, "Why not go all-in?" before folding. I love the mind fucking that goes on. Everyone else folded too, making it a great bluff. Unfortunately, the blinds soon rose to 3,000-6,000 and I got A-J suited. I went all-in (13,000 total) and got two callers, both with about 50,000 in chips. After the flop, K-x-y, one bought the other out by betting 30,0000. We flipped and he'd called with K-9 offsuit. No flush, no straight, no ace, no points. Even though I didn't get points, I really think that was my best performance to date.

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