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Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Fake Poker
In the first tournament, I was playing fairly well again.
Really early on (blinds still 100-200, I had about 8,000), I had T-T in the big blind. Third position limped in, then the small blind raised to 600. I reraised to 1200. The limper folded, and the small blind called. The flop was A-x-y. He bet 1,000 and I called. A on the turn. He bet 1,000 and I went all-in. He said, "I can't beat an ace" and folded. I said, "Neither can I" and showed my tens. He actaully also had T-T.
A little late (blinds 3,000-6000, I had about 13,000), I had Q-8 suited in the big blind. There were a couple limpers, and I checked. The flop came 8-6-2. I bet 1,500, call and then a guy went all-in for 16,000. I had to think for a while, but put him on a small pocket pair (hoping it wasn't 2-2 or 6-6) and called. He had 7-7. My 8s held up and I was doing pretty well.
Basically form there I kept getting consolidated, often into the big blind. I tried to steal some blinds at 2,000-4,000 by raising 6,000, but the big blind called all-in. My K-J was sucked out by his J-8, which hurt a little. After some more consolidation, I was the small stack at a table with some huge stacks. Again in the big blind, I had Q-9 suited. There were two limpers and I checked. Nothing on the flop; everyone checked. Nothing on the turn; everyone checked. Queen on the river and I quickly went all-in. One guy folded then the other guy asked if I made my flush (three clubs on the board). I was basically still while he decided for a long time whether to call. He did and showed A-Q. All done, out in 22nd (top 20 got points).

Then I went to watch some games and had a tipping dilemma. It was about 30 minutes until my waitress asked if I wanted anything. I got a gin and tonic ($4.50) and paid with a $10. Tip $1.50? $0.50? $1? She made it easy by bringing me a $5 for change (where's my $0.50?). Basically, I was going to tip $1 if she brought a $5 and $0.50 and only $0.50 if she brought anything else (e.g., 5 $1s and $0.50 or just $5.00).

At the table before teh second tournament, there was almost a fist fight. the Springer-like bickering continued, so I went all in with J-J. I figured doubling up would help me tolerate it and losing would allow me to go home to watch Suns at Kings in peace. I got one caller who was thinking the same thing with A-T offsuit. We rooted for each other, but he caught an A on the flop. All done.

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