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Saturday, April 09, 2005

General Update
I've cut back on going out a little recently, mainly because I don't like driving my car in its current state, but did play fake poker on Wednesday and went to bar review on Thursday.

For some reason, Wednesday seemed to be beginner's night. I'm not talking about people who hadn't played live Hold Em tournaments, or live Hold Em, or live poker, but people that appeared to have never played poker. Not only does that get really old really quickly, but they tend to do other stuff to be annoying, like lean on the table, which is just cardboard covered with felt set on top of a smaller table, which makes it bend up in the middle and disrupts everyone's chips and drinks. They all go down eventually, but also stick around longer than they should by catching low straights by playing 3-7 offsuit and calling big raises before the flop.
In the early tourny, I played okay, but overplayed A-10 suited twice. The first time, I raised thrice the blind before the flop and got three callers. The flop gave me a flush draw, so I bet enough to put 2/3 callers all-in. Three callers again, and I was in dominant position, even with ace high. The non all-in other caller caught a J or something to win the pot. On a consolidated table about 30 minutes later, almost the exact same thing happened, but then I was down to almost nothing. I was forced to go all-in with K-9 suited and ran into 7-7, which of course beat me badly by catching another 7. That sucked doubly because that was the first time I'd been at the same table as that certain Ringers waitress.
In the late tourny, I was doing really well, mostly by taking advantage of annoying newbies. At the last table I played at, the guy to my right was intimidated by me or something. Whenever I would raise, he would fold, and often showed me that I was dominated. The one time he called I took a good amount of chips away. I think that's the first time I've been in someone's head. All the same, he was way ahead of me in chip count.
There were only 15 people left, and I had 15,000 in chips. Blinds were 1,000-2,000 and I was in the big blind. Everyone folded to the small blind (see last paragraph), who sheepishly limped in. Then I looked at a 4-4. I really didn't know what to do, so I went all in for 13,000 more. He was livid, but called with 6-7 suited. Not great, but I was about 52% to double up. Nope, 6 on the flop. All done. The thing is, he might not have called if I hadn't raised him out of so many other pots.
I've really been racking my brain about how to play that hand better so I wasn't out of the tournament. I guess I could have just checked to see the flop, but it was all rags but still all higher than my 4s. Maybe he would have checked with bottom pair and I could have forced him out by going all in after the flop. Hard to say.
Somehow, I still never catch pairs over 9-9. At least I didn't go out with or against 9-9 for the first time in 4 straight tournaments.

On Thursday, I was catching up on DVRed Survivor (Stephanie is a machine) when a friend called about going to bar review at Buffalo Billiards. It's a good place with $2 pints of XX and $2 wells and foosball, so I said sure.
I got there a little early and played some shuffleboard with a friend from my TQ. I didn't realize that all those times playing at the PLT make me much better than people that have never played. I won't go into details, but the game ended early.
Then we went upstairs, which was crawling with law students. Hooray! As I came in, a girl from a couple classes called me "Jeff" [??? - we know each other fairly well] and gave me a kiss. Ok. Actually, there were some people there I like to talk to, including the hottest girl in the class, who most people say is a pretentious bitch, but who has never exhibited anything to make me think that. I also talked to her nemesis, who is also hot and who I know from some classes. I tried to instigate a catfight to no avail. No Potok was a disappointment. By the way, since I won't know anyone at graduation, I put a veiled reference to Potok in my 25-word speech (if it's read correctly).
After a while, we were going to go to another bar but decided to play some foosball since that was the initial plan. I have no idea what was going on, but there was a constant stream of really pretty girls pouring into the place. Of course, it was also like 1:45, fifteen minutes before closing. My friend asked a waitress what was going on and she said it was always like that on Thursday. Riiight. All the same, I'm looking forward to my next 6th Street and even Buffalo Billiards experience.

Not going out tonight, but am playing poker at a friend's new house. Free booze since we helped him move today. I think it was seriously the quickest move in history, taking about 2.5 hours to load, drive, and unload.
I also got rid of my fouton mattress without a frame as he had a fouton frame without a mattress. Before I move, I want to get rid of my dresser and tv-stand turned end table. Speaking of moving, the 92663 is starting to look a little better than 92648, especially if I resign myself to a condo.

I would be making more little posts (and on time) rather than big posts, but my Roadrunner gets more and more unreliable by the day.

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