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Monday, April 18, 2005

Greedy California
I got my fingerprint cards back in the mail today because they weren't satisfied with my specification of hair and eye color ("BL" for both). These are their abreviations:

BLK = Black [black eyes?]
BLU = Blue
BRN = Brown
GRY = Gray
GRN = Green
HAZ = Hazel
MAR = Maroon [maroon eyes?]
PNK = Pink [don't discriminate against albinos!]

BAL = Bald [should be N/A]
BLK = Black
BLN = Blond or Strawberry
BRN = Brown
GRY = Grey or Partially
RED = Red or Auburn [or Alabama]
SDY = Sandy
WHI = White [don't discriminate against albinos!]

This is retarded enough, but the bad thing is that they sent the cards back to me, forced me to figure out what was wrong with them, and to send it back to them, whereupon they'll reexamine my application. My number is right there, and this would have taken 5 seconds to correct. Why not do this? Greed.

California has also assessed a $20 "Completion Fee" for filing an incorrect application. In fact, this costs me $20, time in examining what the hell was wrong and correcting it, and $0.60 to mail it back (the fingerprint card size is odd). That's the greed. However, it also cost them $0.60 to mail them to me, which is more than the price of a six minute interstate phone call they could have made, so the joke's partially on them. Hope my firm will reimburse for this bar expense, too.

I'd be really interested to know what percentage of applications are magically "incomplete."

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