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Tuesday, April 12, 2005

I'm Dumb
Well, the guy that hit me is denying that he made contact. Apparently, he admits that he turned right while I was waiting to turn left and that he was towing a trailer but says he suffered no damage. Well, no, not to his truck -- the trailer made the impact with my car. The problem is that I'm dumb.

I didn't write down any of the trailer's information (e.g., license plate and company name). I guess I just expected the cop to do all that. Instead, he gave us "blue forms" (they are blue) so that we could write the accident report, which is only supposed to happen when there is less than $1,000 in damage. I'm looking at at least three times that, and the magnitude was obvious to anyone who's ever had any body work done or been associated with a car accident in any way. Nice going, Officer M. Barker.

Thus, Geico is going to have to trick this guy into admitting fault or contradicting himself, and even then I might not get my deductable back. I really want to take this guy to small claims court if I don't.

The rental car has also been fun. Like the body shops, they are busy due to hail damaged cars being in body shops. Yesterday, they didn't even have anything and just drove me home. Today they picked me up and gave me a 2005 Carolla. While I was giving a detailed recorded statement to Geico, they called to say that the rate over what insurance would pay for is $1.84/day. Times 20 days that's about $40, so I asked if they wanted me to return the car so I could get one that my insurance would fully cover. The guy muttered and then said he would call back. I was giving a recorded statement to Geico when he called back, so I let it go to voicemail. They'll take care of the overage.
The funny thing is that they wanted to give me a "free" upgrade to a Silverado. I turned it down. Odd that they would be willing to eat that $4/day (or whatever it was) but didn't want to eat the smaller amount. Crazy Enterprise.

Needless to say, I'm not in a great mood. But at least my car is being repaired and I've got transportation of my own.

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