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Sunday, April 24, 2005

Quota? (DR)
Today started innocently enough waking up at noon to watch the draft. I'm very satisfied with Rolle and Arrington (and anyone else).

Then I worked on my paper and cleaned my place. About 10 people (one family?) came to take a look. I'm pretty sure it was the guy that would live in it's second time [note non-"it is" use of "it's"]. I also had to clean for that.

Then I went to a surprise BBQ for an old friend. Cought up with a lot of people I hadn't seen in a while. The food was amazing. I had to leave a bit ealy to meet people at Ringers for the Rockets/Mavs game. I could really care less about this series, although I HATE the Rockets and can tolerate the Mavs (Finley and Terry, at least). Then it was off to various bars.

At one point we went to Agave, which I didn't know was a black bar. Basically, I insisted we go there because: (1) they had $1 wells and (2) the barker said "Girls under 18 drink free" as some high school volleyball players walked by. Hi-larious.

I failed to meet quota, but was quite discouraged after I got less from the girl that called me over to talk to her, insisted she wasn't with the guy sitting next to her, and said I was a "great" and "awesome" guy (Maggie Mae's) than the girl who was from out of town and with a guy sticking his hand down her pants (Shakespeare's). They can all go fuck themselves.

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