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Saturday, April 16, 2005

For the first time in a long time, I think I met quota tonight, but all at Maggie Mae's (after stints at Buffalo and Shakespeare's - Get Thine Ass to Shakespeare's). Perhaps I was inspired by my friend's acquisition of a tranny's number (or at least we assume that's what he was for him to get his number - and his name was Bobbi).

#1: The girl was wearing a pink shirt, a skirt, and gold pumps (which I've seen quite a lot of lately). The problem was that she was sitting at a picnic table with three other girls and a guy. Eventually, I made my move. The problem was that she was chugging a beer at the time because they were about to leave. My line was something like "Let's go talk over there because I feel retarded standing here." Well, they were leaving. 0-1 (I'll count that).

#1.5: At this point, I agreed that a friend could point out the next target as long as I got a veto. I vetoed a fairly good looking girl because she was smoking. Then my friend pointed out a girl I'd seen at Shakespeare's earlier. Thus, I had lots of material, but as I was walking towards her some other dude scared her and her friend, so they took off like lightning. Still 0-1.

#2: Still having little choice, my friend challenged me to hit on a girl I'd pointed out earlier but was with some dude in a yellow Polo shirt. I guess this girl was similar because my line was "Are you with that guy in the yellow shirt?" She said "No," she was with the guy in the black shirt. As she paid for her Miller Lite, I said "He makes you pay for your drinks?" "I'm an independent girl." Basically, it didn't go much further as it's hard to hit on a girl that's already there with a guy. 0-2.

#3: At least for this one I got to pick my poison. The problem was that it was 1:56. I settled on some Asian girl nearby. I really can't remember what I said at 1:58, but she thought it was very funny. Then I said something else that was funny. Then we got herded out like cattle. I waived in the alley and she chuckled again. I guess 0-3.

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