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Monday, April 04, 2005

Last night I went to the Suns-Rockets game at the Toyota Center. For some reason, it wasn't as memorable as my trip to Dallas for Suns-Mavericks, but I'll try to recap it nonetheless.

There was no need to scalp this time as we had purchased tickets from over a month ago. Section 104, which is almost exactly where I sat for the Mavericks game in relation to the court.

My friend agreed to drive since my car isn't in shape to travel hundreds of miles. Also, he knows Houston fairly well, which was good. The most memorable thing from the drive there was that there was a guy in a Michael Vick jersey riding a horse down US 290. I took a picture, but haven't downloaded it yet, so you can look forward to that. There was also a stray dog who was walking around the cars at a stop light.

Once in Houston, we attempted to meet a friend for dinner at some taco place which was way too packed. We settled for Beck's Prime, which is like a cross between Fudruckers and Wendy's. I got a 1/2 lb. cheeseburger and a frosty, errr, milkshake. $11!? That's the greed. I guess there was cheese above and below the patty.

We made our way to the game and parked right next to the Toyota Center in a garage for $10. Not as good price-wise as Dallas, but closer, and much better in both categories than San Antonio (although the Alamo Dome was well priced when it was in use because you could park at the mall).

Overall, the Toyota Center looks new. Even though it's Houston, nothing is obviously rusty. Yet. (I went to Enron its first year and it was already rusty.) It's not as big as the American Airlines Center, but has a better layout. Rather than the six levels, it has a very large bottom level with increasingly steeper inclines, then a luxury box level, then a small upper section. There are lots of scoreboards, but the center ones didn't seem like they were really high quality. I really can't believe that a new arena thinks it can get away with big LEDs in the days of cheap flat screens.

I was actually happy when they introduced Yao, who had missed the last couple games due to injury. The game would be more competitive and I paid to see the Suns against Yao and McGrady (and Ryan Bowen).

Amare won the tip and the Suns jumped out to a 31-25 first quarter lead. The second quarter was rough as the Suns only scored 10 points, and all of those came after the 6:00 mark. Down 42-41 at the half, the difference was a Bo Outlaw technical resulting in a made free throw. I wish Shirley was still blogging, because I'd love to get his insight as to what happened (I thought Marion should have gotten the T).
Other than foul shooting (the Suns were 1/8 at that point), the stats were almost identical across the board. The halftime "entertainment" was about 200 8-year old girls "performing" a dance routine "they learned earlier in the day." Not very good.
The Suns played a little better in the second half, but it was still a sloppy game. Besides Bowen, no Rockets could shoot. The Suns slowly pulled ahead and the Rockets quit when they were down 10 with 3:00 left.

Nothing much happened on the way back. We stopped at Buc-Ees for a drink and some beef jerkey. I bought "mild" because I didn't want a $7 bag of jerkey I couldn't eat. Damn beef jerkey is expensive.

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