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Saturday, April 30, 2005

I showed my place to 5 (6?) people today. About half really seemed to like it. Unfortunately (or fortunately), the condo across and down the hall is also for sale, so a lot of people looked at both. The good news is that it is selling for 56% more than my place and is only 37% bigger despite being a two-bedroom. I've never been inside, so I don't know how nice it is (no interior pics in the listing), but I do know that it doesn't have a balcony and has a pool view rather than a capitol/tower/stadium/Frost Bank/courtyard view.

At one point, a girl with her mom who really liked my place was walking through the hall after looking at the other unit when my neighbor decided to raise a big stink about some fictitious $240,000 special assessment and loss of insurance and management companies. When they left, I confronted him about saying stuff like that in front of potential buyers and he said they had a right to know. He didn't say why he didn't tell the owner of the other unit the same thing or exactly what the hubbub was about. I'm fairly certain he made it up to sabotage the sale. If he does anything else like that, I'm going to look into the elements of interference with prospective business advantage or whatever tort would apply. Another owner wants me to document the behavior with the police, but that might be going too far at this point. Not if it happens again, though.

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