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Saturday, April 09, 2005

School Rejections
As usual, I disagree with Brian Leiter.

Schools are interested in getting the best possible incoming class. If they admit people that are unlikely to accept, that means they have to waitlist other that are likely to accept. Some people are arrogant, especially law students, and see a waitlist as a snub and will not attend that school, even after a quick acceptance from the waitlist. Then the school will have to go further down the waitlist, admitting students they'd rather not admit. Even Leiter's blog itself gave examples of people not getting offers who would not have accepted were they given an offer.

I base part of my analysis on NCAA 2k5. At TX Southern, I would try to recruit some 5-stars and even offered them scholarships. Invariably, they would go to Duke or wherever and I'd start looking at 4-stars. Because I hadn't made them an offer earlier, they would go to LSU or Rice. Then I was stuck with 3-stars.
My team became much improved when I ignored the 5-stars, even if they expressed interest, to only go after 4-stars from early on. I think the analogy holds.
Of course, now I'm at Oregon State (playing in Gill Colliseum) and only go after and get 5-stars. I'm waiting for fake Lute to retire so I can take over at UA.

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