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Friday, April 29, 2005

Slippin (DR)
Lots to blog about, but I'm lazy.

Got the Civic back. Estimate was $3.1k and 12 days, actual was $4.2k and 13 days. Looks like new (or at least before), except they undid the passenger seatbelt for some reason. Once I figured it out (small puzzle), I put it back.
I wouldn't think that a '99 Civic would be that much better than an '05 Carolla, but I wouldn't make the trade. Being without a car for that long really makes you appreciate it. I'm quite certain I'm not buying a new car any time soon.

Later tonight, I went to Ringers to watch Mavs@Rockets. I hate the Rockets, like Terry/Finley, and want this series to go long to allow Marion to rest the wrist. It was really crowded and didn't thin out after the Heat game ended. At one point, a Ringers waitress I like to call poor-man's-Potok came in on her off night in a really low cut blue shirt. Really low cut. Although I've been there 60+ times, I don't think she's ever served me a drink somehow. Anyways, she sat at the table to my left and started to root for the Mavs.
I already was kind of rooting for them, so I started to join her. More or less, I clapped after she clapped, more for the way her clapping caused jiggling than for the Mavs's performance. It was hard to tell because she is so tan, but I think there was slight areola slippage at one point.
It took us like 45 minutes to get bills from the time of the last drink, which sucked. Then it was off to 6th.

We went to Shakespeare's first despite the slight line. As we walked in, the off-duty Ringers waitress (blue shirt) was walking out. I didn't even make eye contact or anything, but she grabbed my arm and said something like "Hey Sweetie." I didn't think she knew me, but maybe. We tried to get a drink at each bar (front and back, or insinde and outside) and at a table, but failed. Off to somewhere else.
Every bar seemed to be crowded, probably because it was the last week of school. We sttled on line-less The Drink. Several good looking women there, but it smelled like vomit and had $3 domestic bottles. The odd thing was the blue shirt Ringers waitress showed up there too, which would have been pretty awkward (my stalking jokes to Potok-ites don't go over too well). Onward.
Off to Spill, which had $1 longnecks, including Dos Equis. Once inside, I remembered being there before. Not much more to say about that place.

I think I'll watch tonight's Apprentice to go to sleep. Go Kendra (I think it's pretty obvious that she and Tana are the final two and that she wins).

I'll also add more links to past posts later so you know what I'm talking about above, but Blogger is really slow right now (to the point where typing is almost a letter every 5 seconds).

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