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Friday, April 15, 2005

Nothing great or unusual. Buffalo then Shakespeares (which was allegedly bar review but didn't appear to be to me) then back to Buffalo to see if there would be another steady stream of hotties at 1:45. There were, which is still odd because bars close at 2:00.

Also, the night more or less ended when a fat, tattooed, pierced girl challenged the foosball winner and then didn't pay. Seriously, girls should at least make some effort to look good, let alone making an effort to look bad. And then they should especially pay for their own foos.

There was some good talent at Shakespeares, but a little too much cleavage fluffing to even approach. Also, there was some "blind" guy in there with his pitbull "seeing eye dog" that was very obviously seeing and trying to use the dog to meet women. Hope that doesn't happen to me at 44.

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