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Wednesday, April 06, 2005

What the Hail
Basically, Allstate's "investigation" involves waiting for the guy that hit me to return their calls. They will give him up to 30 days, and then will call again, or something. Basically, they suck. Thus, I'm going through my insurance company, Geico, who kicks ass.

I've never understood why Geico gets a bad rap as a "discount" insurance company. I've been with them for as long as I've had my current car, and have been 100% satisfied. They are always very quick to respond to claims. This is the, ugh, 5th time I've had body damage to my car. I didn't go through them once since it was a friend's neighbor's fault, so we worked it out through his insurance. Once it was my fault and I was in the shop the next day. Another time I got run off the road and I was in the shop the next day. This summer when a theif destroyed my door, I was in the shop that very day. Now I would have been in last Friday, or this Monday at the latest, had I not fucked around with Allstate. Long story short, Geico is fast and good while other companies are slow and bad.

I'm ready to take my car into the shop today since I've shunned Allstate's slowness in favor of subrogating my claim to Geico. However, Austin has had two really bad hail storms in the last week, backing up the repair shop. I have to wait until Monday.

The bad thing is that I'm out of food, so I at least need to drive to the grocery store. Then I get to put the food in my back seat since I don't want to mess with my trunk, which might not re-close. This driving might start a slippery slope of me driving it around in that condition, especially since tonight is poker night.

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