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Thursday, May 12, 2005

Last night I watched the Suns at Ringers (of course). I had a final today, so I didn't really want to eat, so I thought I would make up for that by getting a turkey wrap and Dr Pepper. When the bill came, it was only $8.61 (comped Dr Pepper again). I tipped $5.39 to round up to $14, which works out to 62.6%. This may seem like a lot, but consider that I got a free ~$1.50 drink with three refills (usual tip about $3) and then only tipped $2.39 on an $8.61 meal (reasonable). Plus, the service was really good compared to what I've had there of late by the seemingly ubiquitous new servers.

What really got me thinking is that she left the Dr Pepper off the ticket. I've been quoted about 5 different prices upon delivery and been comped by at least three waitresses, all of whom I tipped well. I think they're all skimming off the top. There's no inventory for the syrup and glasses, so they just pour it and pocket the money. I don't really care, but I'm pretty sure that's what's going on.

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