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Monday, May 09, 2005

Blowing Off Steam
At 4:01pm I got an email from my Analytical Methods professor's secretary explaining the "rules" of tomorrow's 8:30am final exam. Part of it says that we will take the test in library room 5.221 rather than the room given my the schedule of classes. Room change, whatever. The problem is that we also need to be able to use the computers in that room, which requires an "IF account." Having read the email at 4:35pm, I fired off a law-school version of "this is fucking ridiculous" to the professor and dean of student affairs and went down to get an IF account.

When I got back home, I had a typical answer from this professor in my inbox -- half bullshit and half incorrect.
The bullshit part was about how we wouldn't be able to use Extegrity for equations and stuff anyways and so we need to use non-laptop Excel (non-laptop so we can't cheat). This is bullshit because Extegrity is still useful for the writing portion and he is giving a takehome portion precisely because he didn't want us to mess with Excel during the timed portion. If Excel is needed, the takehome has been revealed as an addon, not a favor.
The incorrect part was that we were informed about the location and IF need in advance on the "sample test" or during the optional review session on Sunday night. I can't say anything about the review session except that it was optional, and thus information given out should have either come out before or immediately after. As for the sample test, it says absolutely nothing about use of Excel for the non-Excel portion or the need to get an IF account from room 5.221.

Another student, whom I BCCed, has been talking with the dean, who is outraged by this. Apparently, even something as simple as a room change should have been made explicit within the first week of classes, let alone the need for a special computer logon one hour before closing time the day before a morning test. This guy should seriously not teach anymore.

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