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Saturday, May 21, 2005

I'm all graduated. Just waiting for the diploma in the mail (I think?).

The ceremony was ok. Dean Powers kept it nice and brief. Drew used his time to basically expand his "25 words" into 250, but also threw in a good message that what we accomplish with our degrees really matters. Chief Justice Jefferson started off inspiring, but then began what seemed like a law school lecture about how we shouldn't disprespect the judiciary and I started looking at the names on the list.

One bad thing about going to the largest law school is that graduation takes about two hours. Each person (except Drew) gets a maximum of 25 words to thank people or say whatever. I really don't remember what I wrote two months ago, but there may be a video somewhere.

Now I'm off to a reception and then to party for my birthday.

UPDATE: Added link to Chief Justice Jefferson's speech.

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