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Tuesday, May 10, 2005

The Huffington Post
If you read blogs, you've probably heard about this one. The idea is to create a big celebrity blog. Fair enough.

Check out the first page. I have never heard of most of those people. I didn't realize that Steven Brant, Richard Bradley, and Greg Gutfeld are names I should know. The first poster I'd heard of was Quincy Jones. Once I saw that he was talking about Michael Jackson, I moved on.

There are a lot of people like Byron York (who already have blogs) and Joe Scarborogh and Jim Pinkerton (who have political talkshows). I already know what they think. However, I will say that this is good diversity that I didn't expect. But back to the main point: they aren't celebrities by any stretch of the imagination.

Based on my sampling, I'm only likely to read posts by Larry David.

This site will very much lower my opinion of many celebrities, even those I already know are nuts. Take this post by Lamps. Also see these incoherent ramblings by Mr. M*A*S*H. Others may actually prove to be a little more sane than they like to let on. Take this post by Bill Maher.

Sadly, I'm guessing there won't be any filtering function any time soon if ever.

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