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Thursday, May 19, 2005

Interleague Rivalry Weekend
Some "rivalries" are easy due to proximity or history:
Yankees-Mets (NY)
White Sox-Cubs (Chicago)
Astros-Rangers (TX)
Nationals-Blue Jays (Canada)
Angels-Dodgers (LA)
Braves-Red Sox (Braves used to be in Boston via Milwaukee)
Devil Rays-Marlins (FL)
Indians-Reds (OH)
Cardinals-Royals (MO)
A's-Giants (SF)

I'm not sure how Orioles-Phillies fits into things, other than that they are both in the northeast and are really old franchises.

But that leaves some teams with manufactured rivalries:
Rockies-Pirates (not even interleague!)
Diamondbacks-Tigers (?)
Brewers-Twins (both in the northern midwest?)
Padres-Mariners (they share a spring training facility)

If I could shuffle those, I would make it:
Padres-Tigers (1984 World Series rematch)
Brewers-Mariners (Brewers used to be the Seattle Pilots)
Pirates-Twins (the late 1980s World Series that never happened)
Rockies-Diamondbacks (1993 expansion vs. 1999 expansion?)

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