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Sunday, May 15, 2005

Not Exactly
I was waiting for a link and here it is. That is, I think that's the link. If so, some of the info is incorrect. I wouldn't call it "North" Austin since it is 6 minutes from my Central Austin condo. The suspect was a 14-year old girl, not a guy. A neighbor told my friend that she said she was going to kill her father and then matter-of-factly did. Yes, the victim knew his attacker.

How do I know this? Last night, I went to watch the Suns @ Mavs at a friend's apartment (he's a Mavs fan and we're going to the game... today). By the time I got there, there was police tape and cops everywhere. He lives on the third floor and the murder took place between the time I talked to him and the time I arrived on the second floor. He had to escort me past the policemen. Needless to say, this was kind of freaky.

The somewhat cool part was that my car (parked in front of the building) was on TV twice. Also, my friend was on TV jogging up the stairs after having taken out the trash. We said he was fleeing the scene because that's how it looked on TV. They went to a live shot and he flicked the balcony lights on and off, which we saw 7 seconds later. Cool and freaky.

No murders nearby tonight...

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