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Friday, May 06, 2005

Smoking Ban
I recognize that a ban is a huge infringement on personal property, and that studies of the effects of second-hand smoke are inconclusive, but I am in favor of the smoking ban.

The interesting thing to me is to hear all the Austin lefties try to rally people against it by using inapplicable case studies about people flocking to nearby cities. Maybe I'll be proven wrong, but people won't head up to Round Rock or down to Buda instead of 6th Street just to light up a cancer stick.

They would have a much more convincing case if the focused on the destruction of property rights. That presents a problem, though. Taxes are very difficult to defend after making a case that people's property shouldn't be taken away from them, even if for the public good. The People's Republic of Austin loves sales, property, gas, and sin taxes, so that would never fly.
Alternatively, they could focus on why a smoking ban is pointless health-wise. (Just because I feel like crap after being in smoke doesn't mean it will give me cancer.) That also presents a problem becuase that would mean that they couldn't cite pseudo-scientific studies to promote their other ideas for income redistribution and social justice.

Either way, I'm off to a place where these "decisions" are made on a state-wide basis.

UPDATE: Hooray! Yeah, unconstitutional is the last thing I care about.

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