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Thursday, May 12, 2005

Suns-Mavs Game 2
I'll accept this 2-point loss.
Dirk and Finley couldn't miss. For some reason, the Suns decided not to cover Finley, despite the fact that he couldn't miss.
I watched the game with an unbiased observer who might have thought the officiating was even worse than I did. Usually officiating can't affect a game that much. But one example is that Dirk's two-hand shove in Amare's back with 9:00 to go in the 2nd quarter should have been his third foul and made him sit for the rest of the half -- instead he went on to dominate. Another is the numerous "continuations" and well-after-the-miss shooting fouls that bailed the Mavs out of horrible shots. That said, Stackhouse's foul on Joe was not flagrant. Other than that, I can't remember any calls the Mavs could complain about. I used to think that NBA playoff conspiracy theories were as valid as not going to the moon, but the Lakers-Blazers game 7 and Lakers-Kings game 6 made me start to believe. The fact that all four second-round series looked like blowout sweeps after six games, and then the defending champs and team with the best record both losing the next two games, buttressed it a little.
The Suns were without Joe Johnson for the second half. This meant that Barbosa had to play more. He didn't kill us, but got even less respect from the officials than the rest of the Suns. The time he was mugged by Howard and then put in a headlock by Howard on the rebound, both wihtout a foul.
The Mavs guarded Amare mainly with Finley and Stackhouse. They were allowed to use two hands to push him out of position, but Amare was not allowed to establish position with his back. They were also allowed to hang on his arms during each shot.
Q's defense has come up huge these playoffs, but I would have put in McCarty to guard Dirk on the last play (assuming a pick to force a switch off Marion).

All this and Q's 3 was an inch away from winning the game. I wish he was less scrupulous and went for the "in the air" foul on Howard.

I think I'll try to go to game 4 instead of game 3.

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