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Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Suns-Mavs Game 4
I probably should have posted about this earlier, seeing as how it was only the second Suns playoff game I've attended (Spurs in 2000 where Kidd and KJ led the upset being the first). The problem is that I have very little to say that's positive.

My seat wasn't nearly as good as the earlier game, and the surrounding fans were a little less friendly. One guy often stuck his "The Rapper" (plastic thing that makes clapping noise) in my face from two seats away. The lady to my left covered her own ears in order to scream after free throws. The guy behind me dropped a couple peanut shells on my back (this may have been accidental).

An absolutely horrible Suns performance.
Despite his 48 points, I've never seen Nash play that poorly as a new Sun. He often jumped in the air with nowhere to pass, dribbled into double teams, threw too-short lobs, and couldn't feed Amare. At the end of the 3rd quarter, he dribbled out the last 8 seconds.
Amare looked like a high schooler. He had absolutely no idea what to do when double teamed, nevertheless triple teamed. He fumbled at least two passes at his hands. When he was able to pass it out, the other Suns didn't refeed the post and were 1/2 second slow in swinging it around, allowing Mavs to closeout on shooters or get into passing lanes.
Marion was workmanlike as usual, but missed a couple layups that could have really cut into the lead.
Q has been in foul trouble and missing 3s the last couple games. With Joe out for the series, he really needs to get into shape.
Other than game 3, Jim Jackson has looked old this series. He can't guard Stackhouse or Finley and forces bad shots.
The bench productivity has fallen below its already low value. Barbosa hasn't been a negative, but also hasn't positively contributed. Hunter doesn't play anymore, even with Amare in foul trouble. McCarty is shooting 28% and is really just a Dirk fouler. The Cerberus (Shirley, Outlaw, and Voskuhl) might as well be towel boys. The first priority this offseason must be Joe Johnson. The second priority must be finding guys that can at least get into games if necessary and even have a chance at contributing.

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