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Sunday, May 01, 2005

Suns Round 1 Recap
This was my pre-postseason analysis. As predicted, the Suns swept (although I forgot about the 7-game first round). Joe Johnson was big, especailly playing backup point guard, although everyone that played contributed (except Barbosa).

Tonight's officiating was horrible, but it went both ways. For example, Watson was allowed to molest Johnson and later Nash all the way down the court without any hand-check fouls being called.
Worse than the officiating was the announcing. Dick Stockton and Mike Dunleavy were fairly obviously pulling for the Grizzle. I'm sure being swept by the Suns this year had nothing to do with it. For example, slow motion showed that Amare didn't get a piece of a shot when Dunleavy was yelling for goaltending. They also got a lot of calls "incorrect" (by calling it how they wanted to see it). I hate when announcers try to cover their ass by saying the refs changed the call when they didn't.

Watching the Grizzle, I couldn't help but think that Posey and Williams would fit in well on the Suns.
The Grizzlies must be snoop's favorite team.

It's still too early to say who they'll play next, so I can't do much analysis. I just hope that series goes the full seven so the Suns get lots of rest. I don't anticipate rust if that happens. No matter who it is, I want to go to the third and/or fourth games of the series.

I'm getting tired of the Sports Guy repeatedly saying Nash shouldn't get MVP consideration. The only other turnarounds like this in history were the result of a Hall-of-Fame big man joining a pretty good team. There have been several point guard changes in the last few years, and neither Kidd nor Marbury or anyone has had this kind of impact.
Besides the 33-game overall turnaround, their with-Nash record was even better. Everyone's stats were better too, especailly Amare's.
I don't think the Mav's record changes anything. The Mavs will always be loaded, so they will always be in the ballpark of 54 wins +/-4. Simmons seems to ignore that they added Terry, Harris, Van Horn, Dampier, and Stackhouse, as well as developing Howard and Daniels (not to mention 7' Mbenga and 7'5" Podkolzin, who caused some teams some matchup problems this year). Sure they got a little better when they lost Nash, but I think the argument is pretty strong that keeping him while making most of those moves would have made them the best, highest-scoring team in the league.

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