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Saturday, May 28, 2005

Suns-Spurs Game 3
Tonight I went to my third Suns playoff game ever and second against the Spurs (the first being in 2000). Different result this time, though.

I'm not hating because I gave the American Airlines Arena and Toyota Center their due, but the SBC Center is not a nice stadium. It's better than the Alamo Dome (except for pre- and post-game fun and easy ticket-getting), but still ranks below the AWA.

I don't have much to say about the game itself. Nash didn't play well (only 3 assists). The Suns defense wasn't so bad that the offense couldn't compensate, but they couldn't rebound (16 Spurs OR to 23 Suns DR). That hurts because it gave the Spurs tons of second-chance points (or the ability to run 1:30 off the clock) and stunted the fast break. The WOAI guys couldn't get past the fact that the Spurs scored 102 points (102!), but didn't say anything about rebounding. Duncan was incredible from the line. Beano is now my second least-favorite Spur after he intentionally tripped Amare.

UA has a fake Sparky they bring out for Wilbur to beat up every now and then. Similar to that, the Spurs had a Fake Gorilla. The Coyote (I think unnamed like the Gorilla) picked him up at the Alamo and showed him a good time despite Fake Gorilla being a dick to him ("Texas Hospitality"). Then Fake Gorilla gave Coyote a present -- a picture of Nash with "2004-2005 MVP" written under it. Then Coyote gave Fake Gorilla a piece of paper that said, "Look left." Fake Gorilla looked left and got smacked by one of those bulldozers with a hooked shovel on the end. I didn't like Fake Gorilla, but appreciated the effort.

There were three between-quarter challenges, and every contestant was surprisingly competent.
Some hip-hop violinist played the National Anthem and was the half-time entertainment. Knowing what was coming, I went to the bathroom and got a beer.
I wanted to get a good picture of Sean Elliot, but he was busy working.

The drive to and from San Antonio is way better than the drive to and from Dallas or Houston.

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