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Tuesday, May 24, 2005

The Ticket Reserve
I got tickets to Spurs-Suns Game 3 through craigslist for face value from The Ticket Reserve. While on the phone, the guy told me how it works.

Fans of a team can buy an option for the playoffs that guarantees tickets at face value. For example, Spurs fans can pay $50, and if the Spurs get to the Finals, that option gives them the right to buy Finals tickets for face value. They can use those tickets to go themselves or sell to someone else. When the Spurs don't get to the Finals, that $50 is wasted.

I still don't know if that $50 is good for one ticket or up to four tickets. I also don't know why I can't get an option on Suns Finals tickets. The system only works if people can get an option on their team.

I'm still unsure how good the guaranteed tickets are. Upper deck tickets rarely go for double face, which is basically around $50. Surely having those be guaranteed is useless. To me, it is only worth it if the seats are decent and in the lower level (or shortly, less than the scalper markup).

Incidentally, my craigslist tickets were ones that no one exercised an option on or tickets that the company bought in excess of the potential options. So there is a potential downside on their end, too.

I don't endorse them, nor do I have any stake in the company. I just thought it was an interesting model.

Lest anyone think I'm not watching the Suns game, I'm building up green bar after halftime, whcih usually sucks up my excess first-half green bar.

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