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Tuesday, May 03, 2005

What I Learned from my Instalanche
First, I learned that I have somehow set up blogger to have two sets of comments: one in the lower right of each post and one if you click the time stamp of the post. They don't intermingle. This is annoying, but probably only to me since most people used the latter version having come from Instapundit.

Second, I learned that it is hard to blog when someone is watching. I have a regular audience of about 5-25, but when thousands (?, I wasn't counting, but that's my guess based on Instapundit's readership) look at and comment on a post, you tend to look back at it more and might get more gunshy in future posts.

Third, some people don't read posts too closely (even those who comment on how others didn't read closely), or read them only for what they expect to find. As such, some make incorrect guesses or form odd opinions about me, often despite explicit evidence in the post to the contrary. For instance, I'm spoiled (as far as I can recall, I've never been accused of that -- I've paid for 100% of undergrad and grad school myself), indulgent (maybe I should give all my loan money to charity rather than spending it on myself), that I got bad grades (I didn't do extremely well or poorly, but did do better than most, and at a top 15 school), that I don't have a post-grad job (I do), or that I am incapable of working hard (to the contrary, this is the only period of my life that I haven't worked hard).
The posts that really caught my eye were the ones that said I wasted money and didn't get anything out of it. To the contrary, I got exactly what I wanted: a good IP job and a diploma. The money is wasted until I'm about 10 years down the line, but at that point it will become an extremely wise investment. To that end, I had a three year plan and executed it perfectly, and now I know more or less what I want to do for the rest of my career (although I think it would be foolish to come up with a "plan" for the future until I at least start my job).

Fourth, I learned that a single word (e.g., "engineer") can start a flame war. I added it merely for reference, not to brag or disparage. Suddenly, philosophers and polysci majors were in a flame war with engineers and chemists. I'll add to it by saying that a good engineer could probably figure out how to break down a balance sheet by themselves in less than 30 minutes.

Fifth, and most importantly, I learned that most people are very nice. Even those with false conclusions often offered constructive advice or a kind word about some aspect of the posting.

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