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Monday, June 20, 2005

Good Day Live
For all I didn't do this weekend (only one set of questions, 3 practice essays, one graded essay, and one Mini Review -- clearly deficient), I made up for it today, and it was all good.

Evidence class was 4 hours long. We had been getting out after 3 hours regularly, and I guess we were spoiled. 4 hours long tomorrow, too.

After class, I squared away the terms of the moving estimate and locked in a set date: August 8. I had to do a lot of haggling with various amounts of packing and material to get it down to a price within my moving allowance. I hope I can get a bunch of boxes for free from grocery stores or people that have moved recently on craigslist, or cheaply from the U-Haul store.
[Bleg: Austin readers please be on the lookout for boxes from people moving into your complexes or whatever. -Thanks, GG]

After lunch, I read the Evidence Mini Review. I usually do this later, but knew I'd be doing a bunch of practice problems and wanted a chance to get the half of the questions on what we'll do tomorrow right. Then I did the released Evidence questions and online lecture, and started to make some flashcards for what we went over today.

Then I traded some emails with a classmate from my fake accounting class regarding the grades that were posted (I wasn't complaining even though the class and teacher sucked). I'm checking grades because I need to send my firm a transcript whenever it becomes available. And I want some positive reinforcement while I get beaten down by the bar ("another 60?!"). I guess I felt good when some dude in class said he did an essay with open Conviser and got a 55 (I've been doing everything closed book).

Then my realtor came over and I signed a contract. Not my full asking price, but pretty close, and the buyer is willing to move in after I move out for once. I didn't realize how much seller's closing costs are -- $285 HOA transfer fee? As I questioned a bunch of terms on the contract (e.g., wanting to change it from a general warranty deed to a quitclaim deed), I realized that, despite his years of experience, my realtor didn't know that much about the contracts he uses. Needless to say this isn't great for me.

After dinner (during which I watched UT finish off Tulane), I did two sets of introductory Evidence problems. I know I took the class and did a bunch of BarBri questions to prepare for that final, but damn these seem easy. With only having had 1/2 the lecture, I got 80%+ correct while only taking 45 minutes to do them (70 seconds per question when a good pace is 109 seconds per question). We'll see if that holds up on the intermediate questions and then on the essays.

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