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Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Rants and Raves
Rant: Jimmy John's [warning: the site is annoying]
Today I was out of sub stuff (ran out of rolls, meat, cheese, and Italian all at the exact same time), so I went to Jimmy John's because it's right on the way home.
I usually get a Hunter's Club, which the menu doesn't say comes with mustard but does unless you ask for them to leave it off -- "No mustard, no mayo," I usually say.
Today I decided to try for a Bootlegger Club to cut back a little on red meat since I knew I'd be going to Rudy's for dinner. It also doesn't list mustard as an ingredient, but I assumed it was implied like on the Hunter's Club. "No mustard, no mayo." Then I see the dude slather on mustard, which isn't that easy since they don't open up the sub making station for superstition. I told the guy "NO mustard." He got pissed and said it doesn't come with it. If so, "no mustard" shouldn't reverse it to include mustard.
The dude started making a new sub and slathered on mayo. "No mustard, NO mayo." Dude was pissed again. "You don't want anything on it?" "Well, actually I'd like some Italian." Got it home and, yep, no Italian. I think he's just retarded.

Rave: Rudy's
Seems to get better every time I go there.

Rant: Some Realtors
Only the ones that give a tour of my place and don't leave a card, or leave lights on, or don't come at the scheduled time, or tell their clients that a 20% under asking price lowball is ok.

Rave: HEB
Not only did they start stocking Snickers Almond 6-packs, but they lowered the price for all Snickers 6-packs to $2.50.
Grapes are down to $0.88/lb.

Rant: HEB
Their floss selection is really limited. I'd been alternating between Reach Tartar Control and Reach Flouride, but they didn't have either. I had to settle for Personal Expressions Unwaxed.
They were completely out of the turkey I usually buy.
They didn't have a watch battery I needed.

Rave: NBC
They've finally started putting Conan in HD. All the other networks are way behind in terms of late-night. Also, Lindsay Lohan is on Leno tomorrow (presumably promoting Herbie).

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