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Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Yes, I should be studying torts after that ridiculously low 30/66 on the MPQ-AD, but I need a break.

I found this in a google search for "greedyblog" (to see what comes up). Apparently, it is worth a whopping $1,229.86. Also, outgoing links are worth $102.30 (pay up, everyone). However, I think a lot of that is based on faulty outgoing and incoming linkage data.

My top two incoming are "A Large Regular" (a blog that I frequently comment on with a link to my blog) and "Force Power..." (a blog run by a friend of mine who may link directly from there to read my blog, rather than his readers actually then reading me). I suspect a similar phenomenon for outgoing links, which I sometimes use because I'm too lazy to do "Bookmarks" --> "Blogs" --> [blog] (instead, just click there). Thus, in theory, you could get a group of 10 people to link to each other and use those links to read the blogs, driving up the value of all 10. This might be a good experiment.

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