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Friday, July 08, 2005

Last Wednesday the people under option had my place inspected and found that the dishwasher didn't work. That was a surprise to me, although I've been hand-washing for about two years (saves water and energy, doesn't take too long). The buyer wanted to cut the price by $1,000 and thus let the (first) $100 option expire.

I scheduled maintenance with Whirlpool online and the Austec Appliances guy came this morning. He spent about five minutes playing with some screws, and then it worked. Apparently, after long periods on non-use, the drain valve gets hard and stops something from moving. Works fine now, but he suggested that I run it every day to get the valve good and soft.

He said he used to work for Mr. Appliance, and they would have charged me $138. "Great," I thought, "I might get off really cheap." $86.60. Still less, but not that much lower that I'm jumping up and down. At any rate, that still leaves me $13.40 worth of free money to buy some dishwasher rinse aid (also recommended) and to buy a drain pan for my hot water heater (also found missing on the inspeciton report). $1,000 my ass.

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