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Monday, July 18, 2005

Just In Time
Studying can get pretty defeating when you look at an outline and realize how much you don't know, and then realize that you have 12 of those outlines. That's why it's nice to self-grade MBE questions (~65% on advanced questions means I know plenty about the MBE subjects to rock that portion, which I'll confirm with a practice 200 mixed question fake exam on Saturday) and essays (yep, spotted all the issues). I think BarBri realizes this because I am just now getting my community property and corporations essays back. On the former, I got a 65 because I missed an issue (which one? they didn't say); 65 is pretty good for having missed an issue. If I get all 65s on the real test I'll be happy, and hopefully by then I won't miss entire issues. On the latter, I got a 75, which is nearly perfect. I don't remember much about corporations at this point, but that is what Thursday morning is for. There is also only a small chance that it will be on the test. Anyways, BarBri is doing a good job at bolstering my confidence when it needs it. CivPro and PR tomorrow. Hooray!

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