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Saturday, August 20, 2005

CA Thoughts
I've been here about a week, mostly with no or very limited internet access. Now I have full access.

The movers lost a box or two. One definitely contained all of my tools. No clue what would be in the other one. They're on the case.

I've confirmed that this is my favorite restaurant. Anywhere.

Many things here are ridiculously expensive, especially some groceries, even with a Ralph's card. But these things make Boston Market et al. seem like really good deals.

I haven't had to deal with bad traffic, but then again I'm not exactly on a working schedule. Next week I plan to figure out the best route to work (about 12.6 miles).

I live about a mile from the beach. I've walked down there a couple times. My sunglasses get a weird film over them.

The weather can be 70 degrees and the people will complain that it's not sunny.

There has been a car chase every single day. This is not hyperbole.

Things I've yet to figure out:
Why people on bikes don't use the bike lane. And ride the wrong way. And get pissed when I don't hear them doing those things behind me.
Why someone decided to use the left turn lane to pass me in a pseudo-school zone at at least 65.
Why fast food workers are very friendly but even more incompetent. Speaking of friendliness, there seems to be too friendly and total dicks, with no in between. And why medium drinks cost $1.69.

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