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Monday, August 22, 2005

Football Draft #1
I had my pseudo-keeper league draft tonight. Results:

QB: Bulger [yeah, no backup]
RB: Alexander (4 years in a row), Davenport, Duckett, Morris (backup my franchise), Morency, Moats [fairly weak after #1, maybe one of the rookies or backups will work out]
WR: Andre (K), Wayne (K), Roy (K) [I didn't draft a single receiver]
TE: Gonzalez, LJ, Winslow [probably overkill]
K: Vanderjagt [last year I didn't draft a kicker and was stuck with Morten]
D: Philly [last year I didn't draft a defense and was stuck with Bears/Lions]

I have a Samsung draft at some point. I think.

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