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Sunday, August 07, 2005

Surly 'N Things
When I first moved to Austin, my shower curtains would get really moldy within about 3 months. I tried everything to extend their lives, but nothing worked and I was shelling out $6 every 3 months. Then I found a "No Mildew Ever" shower curtain at Linens 'N Things for $14.99. More than I wanted to pay, but hey, "Ever." I call this my perpetual shower curtain. It didn't mold until about a year, whereupon I exchanged it for a new one. I've been doing this every year for about 4 years. Today I went in and showed the girl my moldy curtain, the label, and receipt (yep, I still have it -- necessary in order to maintain the perpetuality). I went to go get a new one, and apparently a manager or someone was taking a look at it.

Him: "Finally got mildew after four years?"
Me: "Yep. It says 'Ever.'"
Him: [looks at me like I'm stealing or something]
Girl: "Yeah, it says 'forever.'"
Him: [looks at her like she's taking money out of the register or something]

This may be abusive, but if they carry products with lifetime warranties, they should expect to have to honor them. Plus, I'm fairly certain that they just send it back to the mfg for a credit, so they aren't even losing out. Well, they are losing out because I'm not buying pillows or towels there any time soon.

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