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Thursday, August 25, 2005

Washer Fun
I bought this last Saturday. Along with the dryer, it was by far the largest non-travel purchase I've made in 3+ years.

Sears delivered it yesterday, and showed me that it fills with water and drains.
I went to do a load today, and I noticed that after 30 minutes, the washer was still trying to fill. That is, water came in, but a roughly equal amount of water drained out, keeping it at a static low level. I tried to adjust load size, temperature, and which cycle it was on, all to no avail. I looked through the manual and all their tips were dumb (e.g., are the water lines kinked).
Eventaully, I decided to be more engineerical about it. The last time the washer was used, it skipped from filling water to emptying water and was turned off at that point. That is, the empty water cycle never had a chance to complete, which probably means that the step that closes the drain was never performed. Although closing the drain should be the first step before a fill, apparently it isn't. I redid the empty step, which was needed anyways because my Tide was exhausted and some of the clothes were wet. Now it works. Basically, another case of poor engineering.

I'm not expecting any such problems with the dryer.

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