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Sunday, September 18, 2005

Flat Tire
I went to Vegas this weekend for my friend's bachelor party (this was the rescheduled NOLA trip).

Vegas is only about 280 miles from my apartment, which means it's pretty easy driving distance. Somehow, it took 5 hours to get there on Friday morning going ~85 mph most of the time (random 20 minutes of idling).

Friday night I had the best meal I've ever had in Vegas at rumjungle in Mandalay Bay. It was a neverending waiter-delivered barrage of all kinds of meat and stuff.
Mandalay is slowly becoming my favorite casino/hotel. They have good amenities without the size hassle associated with Caesar's.

Friday Betting
We started with some video poker while figuring out the day to come. $5 turned into $15.
Then I went to Pai Gow and turned $100 into $165 (after tips).
After dinner, I played some blackjack and got smoked, losing $115 (no tips). I didn't misplay anything, as X6 vs. A is hard to misplay, and that's basically the only hand I received. I did get AA once, and split to A-A, then got A, so A-A-A, then got A, so split to A-A-A-A, then got X, then got A (not allowed to split?!), X, 9. So I won 3/4 on that hand, which extended my play quite a bit so I could once again take pride in X5.
After that, I played Pai Gow for a while again, but was unable to win or lose much. $100 turned into $100.00 (after tips).

Saturday Betting
On Saturday, we spent a lot of time watching college football at Mandalay.
Bet #1: $20 on OSU -15.5 in the first half. Not even close. Loss.
Bet #2: $30 on OSU -27.5 for the game. Up 21 with about 2 minutes left, OSU actually took some shots at scoring, only to stop with about 40 seconds left. Loss.
Bet #3: $20 [+$20 each from two friends for a total of $60] on UCLA -6.5 parlayed with UT -40.5. UCLA spanked OU, which was nice and sealed the first half. UT was taking care of business, but the coverage cut away when the score was 51-9 with Rice needing to logically go for 2. The game never came back on, but the crawl showed 51-10 and a good time was had by all. Win.
Bet #4: $30 on FSU -1.5. The line displayed was actually +1, but whatever. FSU started hot, leading 14-0 in the first quarter. Then they forgot how to play and BC led 17-14 for most of the game. Then FSU remembered how to play and won 28-17. Win.
Bet #5: $20 on UA +8. Didn't get to see the game at all, but UA lost by 7. Win.
Bet #6: $20 on ASU -15.5. My easiest win of the day. Win.
Bet #7: $5 that the dude sitting in front of us would knock his beer over before 6:00pm. Win.

Sunday Betting
$5 that my friend would get out of the North elevators. Loss.
$50 on Chargers +3. All I know is the final score. Push.
So basically, I was up a little for the trip.

Today, I headed back at about 2:30. I had to get some gas ($3.20/gal?!), so I had to wait in line for that. Traffic was backed up pretty bad, especially due to a fatal collision near Barstow (15 miles of stopped cars), so I stopped at the Mad Greek in Baker (really good food) to kill some time while it cleared. Others had the same idea, and the line was ridiculously wrong.
My car had been shaking a little bit, which it had never done before. I suspected one tire was really low, so I checked them when I stopped. Everything looked normal. About 10 miles later, I had my first ever flat tire while the car was moving. Well, not exactly flat, but a good chunk of the inter sidewall was disattached. I got to change a tire in Death Valley at around 4:00. Hooray.
The good news about being limited to 50 mph is that everyone was limited to about 20 mph by the dense traffic. I got home at about 9:30. Now that I need to do things with my car (new tire(s), new brakes, oil change), I'm starting work and no longer have free time to do such things.
Even still, I had a great time on the trip and am looking forward to the wedding next month.

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