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Thursday, September 29, 2005

Today we had "training" in the SD office. After talking to people for a while after we were done (while others went to a nearby brewery -- but I had to shmooze the people I left after a mere three weeks last summer), we all went to Rainwater's.

While we waited for tables, I ordered a gin and tonic. The waitress had a tray and asked if I had the Sapphire and tonic. [In my head: Sapphire = gin --> Sapphire and tonic = gin and tonic] I took it. Then I heard her ask someone if he had the gin and tonic. Nope. Tee hee. Once seated, they tried to give me wine. I talked to a guy about getting more S&Ts. No problem. A while later, a waitress brought us matches and shots of 151, although we had to light them ourselves for liability purposes or something. That's a rough shot.

Food-wise, I had the "young spinach salad" to start. It was ok, but spinach always leaves a weird coating on my teeth. The main course was a filet with bernaise and mashed potatoes. This is where I think I'm a little neckish: I like a sauce like red wine peppercorn more with beef and like gravy (brown, white, whatever) with my mashed potatoes. Still, the steak was perfectly cooked and really really tasty. Best food I've had in a year, at least.

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