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Thursday, October 27, 2005

Apprentice III
I've been watching the new Apprentice in spurts. Here are some of my takes on the new season:

The easiest drinking game would be whenever anyone says "step up" (1 drink) or "step up to the plate" (2 drinks). Ironically, today's episode was 50% about baseball, and neither phrase was used until Bill tossed them out back to back and then once more in the boardroom. The episode from two weeks ago racked up an astounding 17 combined.

Usually Trump's phrases are supposed to relate to the episode. Last week, it was something about making money, but the task had nothing to do with money. I kept waiting for someone to tell Favreau that he was "so money," but alas, they're not that clever.

Rabecca is hot. Possibly the best looking candidate yet. However, the episode three weeks ago was rough. She stood up for Toral, who was an arrogant prick through and through. Then she played the "I was hurt, but I stepped up to be project manager" card. Whatever, she wasn't part of the mass slaughter.

Marshawn's performance law week went overlooked. When asked where the DQ logo was on Zip, everyone looked at each other, then she tried to point out what little there was, even trying to incorporate his body as trade dress. That was a good effort, and I'm guessing she took a TM class at GULC or GW or wherever she went.

Randall may fall into the "so many degrees he doesn't know what to do with his life" trap that Kwame fell into.

I don't see any of these people as an apprentice. That is, none of them are in the category of a Kelly, let alone a Kendra.

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