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Sunday, October 16, 2005

I don't stay in a ton of hotels like a business traveler or a consultant, so I don't claim to be an expert. However, after lo these many years, I have figured out what I like in a hotel.
First, the room must be large enough to provide a place to put my suitcase and a desk for my laptop.
Second, it must have good linens. This probably sounds girly, but some hotels just provide sandpaper towels. I would probably split this into three sub-categories: pillows, sheets, and towels. No matter how shitty the room is, a nice pillow can make up for a lot. Something like a bathrobe is also good.
Third, there should be a full panoply of bathroom goods. This means separate shampoo and conditioner, exfoliating soap, face soap, and Kleenex-brand tissue. Even a good pillow doesn't mean much if I don't feel clean after showering the next morning.
Fourth, there must be a clock-radio that is easy to program. I like to set the radio and ask for a wakeup call for really important times.
Fifth, the TV must have a sleep timer.
Sixth, the curtains should black-out the sun if desired.
Seventh, the thermostat should have a temperature on it. Many motels just have the AC that you can crank up or down, but I want a thermostat that I can set at 72 and not have to worry about the room getting too hot or cold while I'm sleeping.
Eight, there must be good water pressure. I don't want to have to worry about whether or not I have rinsed my body of their crappy soap completely. A water softener is a big plus, too.

While in Dallas this weekend, I stayed at the Historic Stoneleigh Hotel. How did it rate?
First, the room was ridiculously large. At least 750 square feet. I somehow had a two-room suite with a walkin closet and a separate sitting/dressing area.
Second, the linens were mixed. The pillow rated A+, but the sheets were rough and tiny.
Third, the bathroom goods were mediocre. The soaps were standard and they only provided shampoo.
Fourth, the clock-radio was easy to program. There was a "A" alarm for the radio and a "B" alarm for the buzzer. After some punching buttons, it was easy to figure out.
Fifth, the TV had a sleep timer, but the remote barely worked. New batteries may have been in order.
Sixth, the curtains blacked out the sun in the bedroom, but the doors to the living room were not solid and allowed in light from there. Related to this, I somehow had a corner room, which gave me a nice view of downtown.
Seventh, the thermostat did not have a temperature, just "cool" and "heat." I wasn't in the room long enough to notice any temperature shifts.
Eigth, there was very good water pressure.

Overall, it was a nice place. Kind of old, but in a historic way. The value, $80/night via, was unbeatable.

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