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Sunday, November 06, 2005

On Strike?
Ever since I started work, there have been people sitting outside El Torito next to a union sign. I found out Friday that those people aren't actually the ones on strike. They are paid to sit out there. They don't even talk to people who ask about their cause. My guess is that there are different levels of fake striker: (1) just sit there; (2) just sit there, but can hand out literature if people ask about the cause; (3) engage in discussion with people; (4) yell at people as they walk and drive by. The Boeing union by my house seems to have ponied up for Level 4.

I also wonder if there is a fake striker union. If they go on strike, they can't picket, because that is their job. But they also can't hire scabs to picket for them, as their a union. Hmmm.

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