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Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Eddie Jordan
I think he looks like the black Jim Breuer.

I think the Wizards announcers are the worst I've heard this season.

For all the Suns' perceived lack of rebounding and defense, they are 2nd in rebounding and 1st in blocks. They are also in the middle of the pack in opponents ppg.

That's just stats, though. Look at the individual defenders:
Marion: one of the best in the league
Bell: pretty good, although he's been getting abused by larger 2s and 3s lately
Thomas: not horrible, but undersized
Riffiod: hard to tell because of the variety of opponents, but has shown the ability to shut down Yao
Nash: good at assists

These are the two stats that I think show defense much more than those:
FG% against (easy)
TO caused (special emphasis on shot clock violations, steals, and charges taken; less emphasis on travelling, carries, and thrown away) - can also look at per possession or per shot attempt

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