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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Dell Sucks
Their customer service does, at least. It's been months now, and their website doesn't work on Firefox or MSIE on my laptop or desktop. That means I always have to call sales, where I can never get the internet price. Also, my name and address are misspelled and they haven't fixed it despite at least five requests.

I called to get the Axim with bluetooth GPS. They were unable to explain whether I would need to sign up for a year of To me, that means no.

They also sent me the cabled GPS instead of bluetooth, despite the fact that I said "bluetooth" at least five times. I had to pay to return it (and waste a bunch of time at Kinko's). Also, they would only give me the a la carte price for the bluetooth, not the 10% off when you concurrently buy an Axim.

Summary: Their website didn't work, so I had to call. They got my order wrong. After being on hold and then being cut off while on hold (I was on a land line) twice, I had to pay 10% extra plus return shipping to fix it. They don't seem to care about any of that.

I will say this, though: After all the bullshit is over and you factor the extra costs into the price of doing business with them, they make damn fine products. I just hope I don't have to deal with tech support or customer service in the near future.

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