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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Product Reviews!
1. Black Cherry Vanilla Coke
This is a little like Cherry Coke, but not as good. It's also a little like Vanilla Coke, but not as good. It's nothing like Cherry Vanilla Dr Pepper, but not as good. Basically, they went overboard on the "black" cherry. I think that my pallet is more tuned to marichino, so the slight bitterness is no good.
What's worse is that it will apparently be replacing Vanilla Coke. Right now, I probably buy 65% Dr Pepper, 20% Vanilla Coke, and 15% other (e.g., Cherry Pepsi or Lemonade). Coke just lost a whole bunch of revenue from me. I don't understand how their capacity is so limited that they can't make both. Too bad Vanilla Pepsi sucks.

2. Carl's Junior Fish and Chips
This isn't a fair review. I got them because I had some In 'N Out a couple days ago. I peeked in the bag in the drive through and saw that there were no sauces (e.g., tartar, malt vinegar, ketchup). I wanted to ask the dude, but he was at the front counter, assuming that my transaction was complete. I thought they might be in the box, but they weren't. I drove off, knowing that I'd be pissed when I got home. Yep. Everything was really dry and tasteless. One of the filets had a bone in it. That's the kind of thing someone could chip their tooth on (wink wink). Also, they stopped running the car wash commercial right before I moved here.

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